- We form your special development system in Vietnam office and perform software development remotely.

- Developers act on their own initiative in each lab and engage in your special team from early stage to full-growth
- Flexible, quick development and improvement based on Agile Scrum

- BPMs (Bridge Projects Manager) and engineers (Web / App) are assigned to a project. BPMs drive assignment roles, area of responsibility.

- Grasp the content of specification (or make the requirement)

- Translate Japanese document to Vietnamese or English

- Examine task with the required items or function

- Project management
└ Use "ticket management tool" (Backlog and Redmine) to manage assignment and progress
└ Check the man-hour estimation from developer. Calculate and estimate the final schedule
└ Report and consult about the progress in a daily report or meeting

- Create test-case
└ As soon as the coding implemented by the developer is completed, do test through test-case (record of evidence is required)
└ Make bug list and collect defective spots
└ If there are some points that should be fixed, report to the developer every time. Then, fix and test again

- After releasing, confirm the operation on the production

Using our individual standard to appoint the professional staff

- Able to use multi-language. Take the responsibility in the whole of development and cope up with problems

- Proficient engineer with the possibility of working with the new technology

- Perform the architect and design training for the internal

Please feel free to contact us if you have any of a check.

・Want to start up new business quickly

・Want to start with a small system and reduce a risk (You can start your business with small but highly skilled team at least 1.5 MM)

・Want to keep consumer priducts improvement continuously

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