Focus on for user. Rapid development
and get advanced with our engineer team

Let’s develop together that we only can do with Vitality Asia

What’s our LAB type development?

・Develop special team for commit in business between the clients from rapid Mobile/Web service develop and operation to improve the service in Vietnam

・By the minority team which is organized by educated staff by the company, project manager and Japanese PMO/technical specialist, can flexibly develop the best team for client’s business

・From small MVP development, huge service development, to pointed field such as AI、IoT、VR/MR, in all case provide high quality development system


Uniqueness of Vitality Asia’s lab

Fast growing from start up is possible

Over 100 technical specialized
engineer group

Efficiency, automate prefer

Trended modern
development style

To the growth hack,
provide consistent service

Thorough automatic deployment test (CI)

Introduce staffs

Bridge Project Manager (BPM)

・Act as a project manager with Japanese skill, not only as an IT communicator

・Be educated about project management in-house

Full stack engineer

・Professional people who have multiple languages skills and act the entire development process

・Conduct architect / design education in-house

Project Management Officer (PMO)

・Japanese PMO supports projects

・Build and maintain an ideal development team for you

Developing system in VFA is very simple

・Each staff has strong responsibility on wide range, and powerfully commit to the developing product

・Apart from the development team, there is a backup system by PMO and Tech Specialist as overall support, it is possible to handle new technologies with calmness

Wouldn’t you develop/improve product with high skill engineer ?


Example of team structure

・System image of cases often introduced at the start of introduction

Basic structure
BPM/1 (per month)
Web engineer/2 (per month)

※ The amount of structure is flexible by clients needs

Example of team structure

Efficient and high-quality development using agile scrum as standard and using various collaboration tools

Content of tool

Education / development using PHP / Laravel / ReactJS (Native) / AWS and Docker / CI tools as a standard environment for automatic deployment

※ In addition to the below, please contact us for development in other environments upon request。

Other Service

Mobile AI Lab
Advance to Vietnam Plan
Lab Magazin for Apps Development

Please feel free to contact us if you have any of a check.

・Want to start up new business quickly

・Want to start with a small system and reduce a risk (You can start your business with small but highly skilled team at least 1.5 MM)

・Want to keep consumer priducts improvement continuously

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